Rewild.Earth's Direct Seeding campaign of genetically Wild Perennials in Diffa, Niger 2016

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Rewild.Earth did the technology transfer in collaboration with Sahara Sahel Foods and Goni Boukar, University of Diffa / ONG Waraka.

Diffa women who have Direct Seeded Wild Perennials

Some of the women that participated were refugees who have fled from Boko Haram.

They stated that they were very happy to start learning how to establish their own genetically Wild Perennials. They used to see the trees as firewood only. However, since becoming suppliers of nuts and fruits to Sahara Sahel Foods, and seeing that high quality food products can be made from them, they have come to appreciate how important trees can be for their livelihoods.

Diffa women learning how to Direct Seed Wild Perennials